Rubber Me Up!!!

So after being mummified for the first time, my mind raced for weeks… what had I just experienced… and why did I enjoy it so much… Being restricted and at the mercy of another person was such a turn on and every time I thought about it, it made me more inclined to discover this submissive side of me even further.

I spent a few weeks just chatting to guys online and telling them all about my experience… to them it was normal, to me it was something new and it was all I talked about… that was until I started chatting to a guy call ‘rubmaster68’. We chatted for ages about fetish and he started to go into more detail about the clothing side of fetish… Rubber, leather, skin gear and scallys. At this point I didn’t really have any experience of these types of gear however discussing rubber and leather always made my cock twitch! We chatted for a few weeks and discovered we were the same size and shape… He offered to meet up and let me try some of his gear….. Being so young, this was the best way to try some without having to spend money I didn’t have! So I agreed…

It was about 2 weeks before we met… I went to his place in the centre of Birmingham…. The entire train ride there I didn’t stop thinking about what I was about to try…. from as far back as I can remember shiny clothing always got me going so this trip was going to be fun. I arrived at his place, knocked the door and he answered….. The door opened to a guy standing there in full length rubber jeans, the skin tight variety, boots, a tight fitting polo with the buttons done right up and a rubber wrist strap.. WOW!!! Instant boner..

I tried to hide the fact that I was hard instantly from him however as I walked in through the door, he clearly noticed it and rubber my crotch as I walked past!

Something about this visit felt different to the last guy…. there was no offer for a drink, no offer to sit down…. I just stood there in the middle of the lounge looking really awkward whilst he looked me up and down…. and then he spoke……’Yes my gear should fit you’ he said and then left the room!

He re-entered the room a minute or so later with a handful of rubber items… He passed me some full length leggings, a T shirt and some 14 hole boots and asked me to start getting undressed and change into these…. As you can imagine, I didn’t think twice and started to get undressed forgetting that I had put a cock ring on! He noticed it instantly……’came prepared for something else then did you’ he said…. We had only discussed trying on gear so this made me look presumptuous…..he liked it….. he walked over and grabbed my hard cock when I dropped my jeans and said ‘good boi, you are clearly keen to please’ He kissed me deep and hard fir what felt like ages… his stubble was rough and manly and his grip on my cock kept loosening and tightening as we kissed. He stopped kissing me and let me get into the gear he had given me to wear… Once I was dressed, I slipped on the boots and laced them up…. The gear and the boots fit me perfectly…. and when I looked in the mirror, I looked so good!! the gear was so tight and looked amazing!…. before I had chance to turn around, darkness… he walked up behind me and pulled a rubber mask over my face… it had a zipper mouth and pin pricked eyes… he zipped up the back of the mask and when my eyes adjusted I could just about make him out through the pin prick holes… I couldn’t now say much..

He led me back into the lounge…’You are my rubbered sub now boi’ he said… ‘you will do what I tell you when I tell you without and question or hesitation’ and suddenly pushed me to my knees. He put his hand under my chin and lifted my face so I was looking at him and he unzipped the mouth of the mask…. ‘Now get down there and clean my boots… they’re fucking filthy’ he said…. What had I let myself in for….

Next chapter soon!

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