A few Months On (Part 2)

So I was lying on my back, completely helpless and totally bound In cling film with only a thick straw to breathe through and an exposed cock and balls (Which was throbbing constantly to the point of aching).

He started to wrap to feet in duct tape… this felt a lot tighter and more restrictive that the cling film. I was actually able to wriggle a little however the moment he had bound my feet and lower legs in duct tape, I couldn’t move them at all…. this only heightened the horn!! He moved further and further up my legs, over the knee’s and up my thighs. The feeling of not being able to move my legs individually was amazing… And not being able too see anything apart from a blurry figure leaning over me made it even more incredible. He continued up my body making sure to leave my cock and balls exposed… I was so horny that as his hand passed my cock and slightly stroked it, I was sure I was going to cum! ‘Hold it in boi’ he said a few times! ‘Not yet, I want you like this for a while before I will allow you to cum’ he said.

He moed Luther up my body, over my waist and hands and then finally reached my shoulders. At this point I really could not move… It was so tight that any movement I tried required my entire body to move which too a lot more effort… And given that I could only breathe through a straw, I didn’t want to use too much energy.

And then the interesting bit came….. He started on my neck!…. Slowly attaching the duct tape to the cling film, he was careful not to make the neck tape so tight, I could feel this difference in pressure which was re assuring. As he went over my chin and mouth, he was careful to ensure that the straw was still in place and free of blockages. he then spoke….. ‘I am going to cover your eyes with this now so you won’t be able to see anything. If you feel at all concerned, move your head left and right multiple times quickly and I will know that I need to cut you out of this’ This did settle and final nerves I have about being completely covered. I tried to say ‘OK’…. It didn’t sound right but I think he got the idea because he responded with a ‘good boi’ and proceeded to tape up my head. After a couple of minutes, he was done. I literally couldn’t see anything apart from darkness…. Sounds muffled and all senses confused. I was in heaven!! I had no idea how long this had taken but nor did I care… I was completely at his disposal.

I lay there for a good while before feeling anything, conscious not to move my head left and right too much just in case he thought I wanted out…. I didn’t…..I wanted to stay there for ever. Then suddenly, I felt a soft, light touch on my cock head. It was cold and wet so I assumed it must have been lube! He gently stroked my cock and balls being careful not to let me cum! I groaned multiple times trying to show if I was close but always being aware of my head movements…. I certainly didn’t want this to end yet!

After what felt like a few minutes of intermittent cock strokes, I felt a tightening around the base of my cock and balls…. Something had been attached similar to a cock ring. I knew it wasn’t a cock right because I had been constantly hard for the last hour so he wouldn’t have managed to get one on…. Whatever it was, it had the same affect…. I felt my cock get harder and harder with every throb! Then a pulling feeling…. What was he doing…. My cock was being pull towards my legs into an upright position…. I had no idea by what and again, I didn’t care… And then….. nothing…..

After what felt like roughly 30 mins, I felt a sudden pull on my cock and balls.. Almost like he had them on a string like a puppet…. I was still hard even after all this time…. The pain was now quite intense but euphoric at the same time…. I felt something squidgy and cold on the end of my cock…. I had no idea what was happening but the feeling was so good….. He moved something that was tight but soft and rubbery up and down my shaft. initially at a slow speed but then he sped up… faster and faster…. I knew that this was it…. The pressure built up and up until I couldn’t stop it….. He suddenly stopped and the feeling of shooting my load made me groan like I never have before. It must have sounded odd given that all I could breathe through was a straw but I really didn’t care…. That feeling of release was incredible!

I lay there and caught mu breath.. I then felt a hand on my leg….’Keep still’ he said…’I am going to cut you out now’ He carefully cut in-between my legs to release them, peeling off the tape and film as he went… Then he removed it from around my arms, shoulders and neck…. finally removing it from my head….. The sweat inside the cling film was incredible and then I saw it….. The volume of cum that I had just shot was huge…. I have never shot so much in one go! I also found out what he had been doing with my cock…. he had attached an adjustable cock right to a string that he had tied to the fire place!!! In other words, If I had moved, My cock would have stopped me! I also saw a flashlight on the side….It’s amazing how much you cannot work out when you can’t see or hear anything.

He asked how I was…. ‘That was incredible’ I responded…. He said….’Thought you would enjoy it you pervy lad’. I then also managed to see through into the kitchen and the clock on the wall…… I had been there for 5 hours!….. I had no idea I had been in that situation for that long….. truly amazing and defiantly something I want to do again!

This man had converted me fully…… I was a becoming obsessed with fetish and wanted to discover more and more….. My journey had begun

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