A Few Months On….

Following that first fetish experience, I just couldn’t get enough…. I met up with the same guy quite a lot as the next few months passed. I got to try so many new experiences, hoods, gags, restraints and many more things. Every time I met him, I felt that I wanted to go further and further and try more extreme experiences…

I think it was around 3 months from when we first met. We were chatting online one day and he mentioned mummification…. I actually had to google it to see what it meant! I knew what it meant from an Egyptian point of view but didn’t really know that this was a fetish thing…. After researching a bit (And getting horny during the process) I really wanted to try this! The only thing stopping me was that he mentioned he did every part of a body, And I mean every part… Head to toe… After many hours of chatting about it one night, I agreed to go over to his place the next day and try it out. He explained that he uses pallet wrap and duct tape… I just agreed because I didn’t really know what other options there were.. He also explained that I had to be 100% sure because it is quite extreme for a beginner In the fetish scene….

After much consideration, I went to his the next day. To my surprise, He answered the door in full leathers!! FULL LEATHERS… Boots, Trousers, Shirt, Jacket and Muir Cap! Good start…..Instant hard on!! We sat down and he started talking me through the process… He starts with pallet wrap around the feet and legs and works his way up the body until the shoulders are covered. He would then use a smaller wrap, start at my neck and cover my entire head. He would then start again from the bottom to the top with duct tape!!…. He explained that I would have a straw to breathe through! Yes a Straw!! Although that sounded risky to me at the time, All I remember thinking was WOW!!! I was just so horny and ready to try this!

And so he started…. I lay on the lounge floor and he began wrapping my feet and legs… The feeling of restriction was incredible. Once he was up to my cock, I couldn’t get up off the floor without support. I asked what he would do about my hard cock… Me thinking it would just get pressed against my body by the wrap… How wrong was I?… He began wrapping my middle, Pinning my arms to my side and made sure that my cock and balls were exposed at all times….

After around 30 mins, my body was finished and covered in wrap. Arms now stuck to my sides, legs stuck together and my cock and balls exposed with me being able to do nothing about it… That just made me even hornier!

He then asked… ‘Are you sure you want to do the head’…. I nodded with a big grin! I couldn’t wait!!! And so he started with the narrower wrap… He started on my neck making sure that he didn’t wrap it too tight, went over my chin and stopped… He then reached over, grabbed a thick plastic straw and popped in in my mouth. At this point, I started to feel a little anxiety creep in but the excitement was stronger. He said ‘If you want to stop, move the straw side to side with your tongue and I can cut you out quickly’…. Let’s face it, I was never going to do that! And then he started again with he wrap. Over the mouth, then over my nose and eyes and continued until my entire body was covered…. As he had used clear pallet wrap, I could see light coming through and the blur of him leaning over me which was a little comforting given I couldn’t do anything but lie there.

I must have lay there for around half an hour…. During that time, I kept feeling him play with my cock and balls…It was amazing….. Every touch felt more sensitive than ever before.. Probably because that was the only part of me exposed…. The pre cum that must have been dripping would have been immense. And then he started the process all over again, but this time it felt tighter…. This was the duct tape!….


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