The First Meet (Part 2)

So where was I…. Hooded, Gagged and cuffed by a man that I had just met…. Writing this now I can’t imagine a better way to be at any point in time but back then the same can’t be said. The euphoria I was feeling was overriding any fears I had… What was he going to do next?, What was he going to make me do? So many questions were running through my head and I was completely helpless in answering them.

To my surprise, Nothing happened for a good few minutes. He left me stood there in the middle of the room. Everything was quiet… I even started to question if he was still in the room… Then he spoke…. “So how do you feel? Are you liking it?” He asked…. Stupidly I tried to respond forgetting that I had a gag in my mouth and so whatever I tried to say just came out muzzled…. He laughed, got up and removed the gag. He then asked the same questions… I responded with a “Yeah great”… I couldn’t see what he was doing but then felt a hand rub my hard, denim covered cock… “More than great” He said and laughed. He then picked up my beer and gave me some, Popped the gag back in and from what I could tell, took a seat…. Again Silence… After what felt like a good 15 mins, I heard him get up and shuffle over to me. Then things really ramped up…. He started to undo my Jeans!! I didn’t know what to do so just wriggled a bit to make it a bit more difficult for him but inside the leather hood all I was thinking was ‘OH YES’…. even if a bit scared… He removed the belt and unbuttoned my jeans and then pulled them down to my ankles. Now I was pretty much naked, cuffed, gagged and hooded! I had been waiting for this for a very long time but still couldn’t shake the fear… I still had visions of being hurt or left like that! I calmed myself down by telling myself that the gear I had on was his and he wasn’t going to leave it behind! That worked somewhat!

After standing in my undies for a while, He then pulled them down to my ankles too!! Stood in the middle of my room, naked, hard cock, hands cuffed behind my back, leather hood with eye mask and fully gagged! I was in total fetish virgin heaven!!! I distinctly remember feeling the colder air making the tip of my cock cold due to the amount of pre-cum on my cock. Im sure that more came out every time I sniffed the leather hood!

He then muttered “Hope you are warm enough” to which I just nodded…. I wasn’t going look like an idiot and try and speak again! He then grabbed my cock!! I flinched a little not knowing if this was going to be pleasure or pain if he was going to yank it and pull me over.. To be fair, I was happy with either outcome…. All I felt was a cold liquid in his hand…. Lube I thought to myself…. He then began to slowly massage my cock in his hand! I was so horny that I had to stop myself from cumming a few times but then the whole situation just got to me and off it went…. I don’t think I have ever cum as much as I did during that moment….

After the great feeling of cumming had subsided…. There it was again… The fear…. What now? Is he going to release me? Is he just going to leave? Did I cum too quick?? Loads and loads if questions…. After a couple of minutes, I felt him reach for my arm and he turned me round… There is something to be said for heightened senses when you have no sight, speech and limited hearing because I heard the key enter the lock on the handcuffs… He undid them, released my arms, removed the gag and asked how it was… I responded with “Amazing”…….”Good” he said. He then turned me around and loosened the strings on the back of the hood and lifted it over my head. As he did, he told me to close my eyes due to the light affecting them after being in it so long…. I wasn’t really sure what he was talking about…. It had only been half an hour or so but I did as I was told anyway… When the hood was off I opened my eyes slowly… The light was quite impactful so I was glad he suggested it.

I glanced over at the clock…. Almost 90 minutes I had been in that hood!!! Now…right now that doesn’t seem like a long time but for someone who thought they had an idea of how long they had been in it to be so far out, It was a bit of a shock…. With experience, I know differently now!! I asked him if that was right and he said that you lose all sense of time when you’re in a hood! He wasn’t wrong! I reached over and pulled up my undies and jeans and sat next to him of the sofa. He shuffled across and gave me a big embracing hug…. I returned the hug and just said thank you because I didn’t really know what to say.

Now I half expected him to get up, pack his bag and leave…. The first 2 were right, he packed his bag and then sat back down. He asked if I would like to meet up again… I didn’t want to come across as keen but I was…. I really was!!!! I nodded and said “yes of course… When” He mentioned that he was going away in a couple of week but could do a another meet after that.. So I agreed.

He then got up, walked toward the door, turned to me and said “Lets speak soon then and arrange the next meet”… Ok I responded. He then left…. After closing the door behind me, I felt a huge rush come over my entire body… I felt weak but full of energy which sounds odd unless you have felt it…. I had just tried out fetish play for the first time and I was on cloud 9…. Little did I know that a monster had just been born!!


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