The First Meet

I didn’t intend to take this long to write the next chapter in my fetish journey so apologies for that…. But here we go…..

So where did I finish the last post… I had invited someone over so that I could try their gear… Straight away that made me sound so inexperienced… After chatting for a couple of years, I always tried to make it look like I had some experience and then made it pretty clear I didn’t with just one question. What an idiot!!

So after around half an hour of back and forth, questioning if I should go ahead, I sent my address to him to which he responded stating that he would be an hour or so…. half of me was terrified and the other half excited.. to the point that I even found his ‘I’ll be there in an hour or so’ forceful and dominating…. I remember heading to the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of rum and swigging it from the bottle for some dutch courage… What was I supposed to do with myself for an hour!!!

Half an hour went by and I really started to question whether or not I had made a mistake.. Was I going to like this scene, what if he is not who he says he is, what if he ties me up and hurts me… everything went through my mind and then out of the blue, there was a knock at the door… The one thing I remember at that point was swallowing deeply and suddenly getting a super hard cock!! All the fear that I was feeling had to go, I needed to look like I knew what I was doing and look somewhat assertive…

I opened the door and stood on the other side of it was a 6′ 4 man, quite stocky, black cropped hair and stubble! He had quite a large holdall in his right hand and a 4 pack of Peroni in the other… Good start!

I nervously invited him in. He walked into the lounge, took a seat on the sofa and handed the me the beer… As he handed the beer over, he grabbed my other arm, I was terrified!!! All he then said was ‘You don’t need to be this nervous, this is just experimental isn’t it?’ And from that moment, I took a deep breath and tried to relax……

After opening 2 beers we sat and chatted for a good hour, he was taking me through his likes, dislikes, interests and everything… This man that I had been afraid of meeting for 2 years and hid behind a screen from was just as normal as me.

Everything he talked about I wanted to try… I didn’t know what some of the things involved but I didn’t care, I was just so horny at being able to sit face to face with someone and talk about things that have excited me for years that I haven’t been able share with anyone for fear of being judged.

So then he got to the killer question…. ‘What do you want to try first?’…. I remember freezing…the fear was back… I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t know what he had in his kit bag, I didn’t know what he was expecting and I didn’t know what I was willing to try… so I responded with a really soft ‘Whatever you want’….. He pulled over his holdall and opened it up….. the scent or leather and rubber that rose from the bag was incredible….. He reached in and pulled out a leather gimp mask with removable eye mask, internal gag and lace up back…I just stared at it, looked up at him and nodded! My cock was throbbing just looking at it. He stood me up and turned me around. I stood there for what felt like ages. I couldn’t see what he was doing but my guess is he was loosening the lace back of the hood. Then out of no-where, darkness!!…. He pulled the hood over my head and down to my neck. I could feel the pre-cum inside my jeans. I was trembling but as far as I can remember it was excitement. The hood then tightened as he pulled the strings at the back and secured the hood in place. I couldn’t see a thing… He then turned me around to face him (As far as I could tell) and asked me to open my mouth. For a second I wondered what he was going to do and then remembered that the hood had a gag… He then pushed a solid rubber gag into my mouth and secured it to the hood. I couldn’t see or speak and it felt great. Still hard and dripping with pre cum, He asked me if I was ok to which I groaned and nodded…. I couldn’t do a whole lot more than that… After adjusting the hood and gag to a perfect fit, he then turned me around again. What I could hear was muffled but I thought I could hear him rummaging in his bag…. He was….. I then felt cold metal touch one of arms. I couldn’t be 100% sure but it felt very much like a handcuff…. My suspicion was the confirmed when he took both arms, Put them behind my back and secured the other handcuff to the other arm…. Now I was helpless and completely under his control. Couldn’t speak, Couldn’t see and could defend myself… The fear I had, gone… I was completely overtaken with euphoria and didn’t want this night to end….


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