The Beginning

So, the first blog update… I have never kept a diary or written a blog so who knows where this will go…..

I guess as Maria once famously said, let’s start at the very beginning….

I have always had an obsession for shiny clothing from a very young age, with a keen focus on leather and latex. I remember seeing a pair of leather biker trousers and a biker jacket hanging on the neighbours line one day after they had been wiped down from a ride. I remember the the crazy thoughts I had just looking at them…. Wanting to touch them, rub against them and sniff them!

As I grew up, the fascination with shiny clothing just intensified. When I came out as gay, and I was old enough, one of the first things I remember doing was logging onto gaydar and creating 2 profiles, the first a bog standard profile about me, and the second, a fetish focused one, but I was careful to make sure I left many details out such as location, age, face pictures and made sure that my hobbies etc. were all different so no-one could match it to me! The thrill I used to get chatting to guys in gear was so exhilarating. Just the thought of signing on would get me hard. I would spend hours and hours sitting in the fetish chat rooms chatting to anyone that would respond to me. I have a very clear memory of chatting to 2 local men. One into bondage and one into full rubber coverage. Coming from a medium sized town, there were quite a lot of gay guys local but not many were into fetish. I spoke to the same 2 guys most nights but never had the confidence to meet anyone! I just couldnt risk people finding out about what I thought was a dirty fetish secret. It took me around 2 years to build up the confidence to ask if one of the guys wanted to meet me and I can remeber exactly what I wrote…. “hi there, we have been chatting for sometime now, would you like to come over to my place this evening so I can try some of your gear” the fear I felt when I hit the send button was similar to that I felt when i came out to my parents.. intense!!… to my shock, he replied “yes, when and where”…. I remember the feeling of my stomach rising to my throat… I was actually going to meet a guy into heavy bondage!……but that’s a story for tomorrow….


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